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Romeo And Juliet - Condensed

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Act V

Romeo is in Mantua. Balthasar comes riding up to tell Romeo of Juliet's death. Romeo did not know it was a set-up because he had recived no messages from the Friar. Romeo sends Balthasar back to Verona. Then he goes and buys himself some poison, declaring to the vial he will kill himself in Juliet's tomb.

Friar Lawrence learns Romeo never recieved his letter, and prepares to rescue Juliet himself. He decides to keep her in his cell until Romeo gets the second letter and arrives.

Paris goes to Juliet's tomb to spread flowers over her grave. At the same time, Romeo comes to kill himself beside her. Paris spots Romeo and, knowing he killed Tybalt, attacks him. Romeo asks him to leave, but has to fight him in self defense. Paris' servant goes to get the civil guard. Paris is killed by Romeo. Romeo goes down into the tomb, and finds Juliet. He drinks his potion, and dies. Friar Lawrence arrives, finding the corpses of Romeo and Paris. Juliet wakes up and asks where Romeo is. The Friar is frightened by the sound of the approching guard, and tells her Romeo and Paris are dead. Then he flees the tomb without her. She finds Romeo's corpse, and uses his dagger to kill herself. The Capulet, Montagues, and the Prince gather around the tomb. They find the corpses, and Montague announces his wife has died of greif. Friar Lawrence tells everyone about the secret marraige, and the feud ends.