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Romeo And Juliet - Condensed

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Act IV

The Friar and Paris are talking about the wedding (between Paris and Juliet). Paris belives Juliet is upset over Tybalt, and plans to have the wedding within the week so she may end her sadness. Juliet arrives, and Paris treats her as if they're already married. She reminds him they havn't been joined yet, and the Friar dismisses him. Juliet tells the friar she doesn't want to marry Paris, and askes for help. The Friar comes up with a plan- Juliet must agree to marry Paris. Then she will take a potion that will cause her body to act as if dead. She will be buried in the Capulet tomb, and Romeo will come to take her to Mantua from there. Juliet agrees to the plan, takes the poition, and leaves.

Juliet goes home and tells her parents she wants to marry Paris. Her father is so thrilled he moves the wedding up to the next day. Juliet retires to prepare for her wedding day.

Juliet asks the Nurse to sleep somewhere else for the night, and asks her mother not to bother her. As she's about to drink the potion she has second thoughts, wondering if the Friar is tricking her or if Romeo will be late and she'll be stuck in a grave. She drinks the potion anyway and falls asleep.

Next morning, the Capulets are preparing for the wedding. The Nurse goes to wake Juliet and finds her 'dead'. As the Nurse tells everyone, joy turns to sorrow. The musicians and a servant get into a quarrel over the type of tune to play. The Friar tells everyone to prepare for Juliet's funeral.