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Romeo And Juliet - Condensed

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Act II

After the feast Romeo is intent on finding Juliet. He climbs a wall on the Capulet property and overhears Juliet talking on her balcony. She's talking about how much she loves Romeo.  He comes out of hiding and talks to Juliet. He tells her he loves her and they plan to get married. The Nurse calls Juliet inside and Romeo leaves.

Romeo meets up with Friar Lawrence in the morning. He notices Romeo did not get much sleep. Romeo explains his new love for Juliet, and the friar notices how quickly he forgot Rosaline. Friar Lawrence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet anyway, in hopes of bringing peace to the feuding families. 

Benvolio and Mercutio are talking about where Romeo went the previous night. Romeo arrives and Mercutio begins to tease him, and blames him for ditching them the night before. Romeo tells them it was for a good cause, and Mercutio continues to ridicule him. The Nurse enters looking for Romeo, and Mercutio turns his insults on her. They set the wedding to be that afternoon, and they Nurse promises to set out a cloth ladder.

Juliet is waiting for the Nurse to return with the news. The Nurse arrives and procedes to complain about trivial things to hold Juliet in suspense. She eventually tells Juliet that Romeo is waiting to marry her that afternoon. Juliet is beside herself with joy, and the Nurse leaves to pick up a ladder from one of Romeo's servants.

Romeo and Friar Lawrence wait for Juliet at the church. Juliet arrives, and they are wed.